Lexmark Leads the Way in Innovative Business Solutions

Lexmark has always been a pioneer in creating advanced technological business solutions, but its latest creations are some of its most impressive yet and, more importantly, a great asset for businesses of all backgrounds.

Since 2010 Lexmark has invested more than $1billion into its technologies, a lot of which has gone into the creation of smart technologies to ultimately help businesses become more efficient and save money in the long-term.

There are a huge range of Lexmark photocopying and printing solutions available that will bring people a healthy and rapid ROI sooner rather than later.

Looking smart

When it comes to photocopiers and printers Lexmark’s investments into its smart solutions have seen the company revolutionise the industry and introduce mobile and touchscreen technology into its hardware, especially with its multifunction (MFP) devices.

People investing in Lexmark’s technology can take advantage of an incredible variety of software solutions as well as the company’s hardware capabilities. Apps available on Android and iOS operating systems offer more convenience than ever, giving business owners a lot more control over their documents.

Lexmark photocopiers and printers can be found in businesses from all backgrounds; whether healthcare, banking, legal companies and more. The company’s investments therefore have also led to documentation solutions to assist people always on the move.

Lexmark’s smart document technology, in combination with its hardware, allows people to print preview, scan to email, multi-print and much more besides. Lexmark is also able to provide a number of other media handling solutions for businesses.

Proud of its customer services

Lexmark has a reputation it’s hugely proud of for being customer-focused. Lexmark underlines that 90% of global retailers and 70% of global banks choose Lexmark’s technology because of their approach, and how they’ve helped a number of professionals over the years work faster and smarter.

So which machines has Lexmark used as the bedrock to its success? The Lexmark XS796de for instance is an incredible option for people working in groups, and companies where there’s a lot of creative collaboration.

The Lexmark XS796de is perfect for people working with a lot of media including banners and more. It also features multipage printing options, is compatible with recycled paper, has a 1200 dpi print resolution, and much more besides.

The Lexmark XM7170 is a very customisable hardware solution which makes it very popular, especially with smaller businesses. The Lexmark XM7170 is able to produce prints, copies, scans, faxes, and emails. It also has a direct USB and a fully-customisable e-task 10.2-inch colour touch screen.

Lexmark’s smart hardware hasn’t just helped business owners save time, but to also grow thanks to the seamless way their products integrate with companies old and new. With so much information and content now more accessible than ever people are looking for photocopying and printing solutions that can keep up with little effort.

If you’d like to learn more about Lexmark’s range of business photocopiers or are looking for a photocopier leasing solution for your business visit Photocopier Supplier today.

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