Top 5 Online Marketplaces in India

Well the time is not that much far, when you will feel that you are committing a crime, if you will not purchase online. This holds true for businesses also. If a business or a company is not selling his goods online in this age, when billions and billions of consumers are connected to web, then how can that business think about doing business in Indian market which thoroughly runs on the public sentiment?

Let’s not go much deeper in what will happen tomorrow. Let us talk something about present. See, everybody is talking about the rise of e-commerce market in India. There is no doubt in it. Lot of excitement is there in the market; among consumers as well as online retailers. But nothing comes in this world, without its baggage. The same applies to the boom of e-commerce market in India too. As the market is on rise, everyday lots of new, new companies are jumping and trying their luck.

So if you are a crazy online shopper or an online trader, then well there is no issue, please carry on with your craziness, but you have to be little bit cautious, about the place where you are shopping or selling your goods. Please don’t get for any A B C online retailers- which don’t have a long standing in the market. Go for only such online marketplaces, which are well proven and time tested.

Below I have brought top 5 online marketplaces in India where you can either buy or sell anything with any worries- from a feeding bottle to a High Definition LED TV. Please go through them;


Ebay is a giant online market place in India, which is very well structured and maintained. It entered into the Indian Market in 2005, and hardly within a time span of 9 years, it is showing a very strong presence in the market. It spread its wings among the Indian consumer, very silently yet intelligently. For sellers there are two options one is fixed price and the other is auction type price. If you want to additional discount on ebay products use coupons and offers and save the money. For more offer and deal visit

  1. started its operations as a daily deals site 4 years ago, and now it has emerged as a great marketplace in India. Such is its reputability in the market that it is getting huge money from the financial investors in the market. After Tata, it’s the turn of Japan’s richest man-Softbank CEO who is willing to put $840 Billion money in Snapdeal. Now do you have any doubt that Snapdeal can’t become Asia’s ALIBABA?


Whenever there is a discussion about top online marketplace, then the first name that strikes in our mind is of Amazon. It is incredibly great and phenomenal. Not only in India but also internationally; it come in India in 2013 and see how fast it is spreading. It has become a hot favorite for both buyers as well as sellers. Amazon also provide exclusive coupon codes on electronics and lifestyle product so to get the discount use amazon coupons.


How can I forget Flipkart? It is that same name which started the Indian e-commerce story with a small yet interesting and catchy TV Advertisement” Shopping ka naya address”. Its impact is still there in the minds of Indian buyers. It is a seven year old start- up company, yet largest e-commerce player of India. Now, no one even cares to ask whether it’s true or false!


In comparison to others, it is new for the Indian market, yet it has witnessed a steady progress since it started in 2012. It is very popular among Indian online Buyers, especially due to excellent deals offer. During the last 12 months, it has been successful in continuously registering excellent growth numbers. It has also managed to garner $15 million finding from the market for further expanding its operations.

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