Is Your Data Secure on a Cloud Server

cloudWith cloud computing turning into a rage, especially over the last few years, it is hardly a surprise to see a large majority of
internet users using cloud servers to store their important files, including sensitive data such as confidential documents,
passwords, private photos and what not. However while cloud computing has definitely been nothing short of a revolution in the
making, it is important for people to realize that not everything is fool proof and they too have some limitations and
associated dangers.

If you used to think that your data is 100% secure when you store it on a cloud, you may need to revisit your thought since you can never be sure if your information is fully secure, even though cloud services might claim so. However you can still take some preventive measures to ensure that it is as secured as it can be, thereby minimizing the chances of your data getting accessed by anyone other than you. Here are some tips you should take a look at:

Avoid Storing Sensitive Information In The Cloud

While it may seem to you that cloud servers are useless if we don’t recommend you to save your sensitive information in it, this is not true since there is still lots of stuff that you can save on the cloud. It’s just that if the information is truly crucial to you and you just cannot afford to lose it, then you should refrain from saving it on a cloud since hackers around the globe now use a variety of technology and you never know when a breach of access might take place. There are much better and safer alternatives that you can use to store your confidential data and whichever you choose, make sure it’s absolutely safe.

Choose Strong Passwords

While this may seem like a conventional tip, it’s surprising to see, hear and listen about dozens of security breaches happening due to the laziness of people who use simple passwords that are easy to remember. Since brute force techniques and softwares can be used by miscreants to crack passwords and gain access to your accounts, it’s always best to be on the safe side and choose strong passwords that contain not only numbers but also special characters in addition to text. Passwords of this type take a lot of effort to crack (months in most cases), so you can be relatively sure of your account being safe. However since even these can be cracked if someone really wants to do it, you should make it a point to change your passwords and replace the current one with an equally strong password every once in a while, say every one-two months.

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