The Easiest Way to Recharge Online

A lot of services related to mobile recharges have come up in the recent past and the list doesn’t seem to end. However there is one such service that has stood the test of time and has emerged as the numero one player in online recharge. So which one is that?


We’re talking about Mobikwik, a venture that has successfully grown past the initial hurdles and managed to carve a niche in the competitive Indian market, with a user base exceeding 4 Million users. Unlike some other related startups, Mobikwik not only enables customers to recharge their phones online, be it any carrier, they provide customers with the ease of making payments such as paying bills and buying stuff online through their recently launched feature, Mobikwik Wallet. The same can also be done via an SMS or by dialling a number.

The best part about it is that is extremely easy and convenient for people to use this service, as it doesn’t involve hopping between payment gateways and merchants, all of which ends up taking a substantial amount of time. Instead, Mobikwik lets users make one click payments, whether be it through their online portal or their apps.

Some of the other perks of using this service is that almost all modes of online payment methods are covered and the recharge of your ewallet can be done via any card you want. Also the service is quite extensive, with almost each and every type of plan of all service provides across every state in India having been covered by it. Another usual area of concern for users is taken care of by the service, as transactions can be done even in 2G speeds. Finally, you also get notified via a message on your mobile whenever you make recharges on the wallet.

If you’re worried about security, that part also seems to have been adequately taken care of, with stringent security measures and latest techology related to safety of users have been employed by the company. Coming to their app, the MobiKwik App is available for nearly all platforms – Android, iOS, and Windows which means irrespective of your platform, you would be able to access the app and make payments in a hasslefree manner.

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