E-Learning apps to prepare for board exams

With the advancements in technology and its integration in our daily lives, the education industry has been experiencing some radical changes. Back in the days, we used to
completely rely on textbooks we get from the library to refer on any topic, but now we are at a stage wherein we all have access to the internet which enables everyone to information on every topic imaginable which is accessible anywhere (as long as they have an internet connection established).


We all know how important board exams are to a student’s future, so it is crucial that students get the best material available within the syllabus with which he can sharpen his or her knowledge and skills. Nowadays, since everyone has a Smartphone that task has been made easier. Let us look at a few of the aspects with how E-Learning applications are helping students to prepare for their board exams.

1.Accessibility: In a recent study by Intel, it has been found that every household has an average of 5 devices connected to the internet worldwide. Thus it is clear that how accessible phones and the internet are to students. Due to their physical characteristics of small sizes and extremely portable design, they allow easy handling and 24/7 access to educational applications. Educational apps with video based learning capabilities help students in revising during the eve of their board exams.

2.Syllabus focused content: Knowing how vast the internet is, it is easy for a student to go off topic and study un-necessary topics which will waste the student’s valuable time. That is where E-Learning applications come into play. E-Learning applications offer content to students which are based on their board’s syllabus whether CBSE, ICSE or State board. This syllabus based content empower students to study what they need to and how they need to.

3.Better Understanding: While learning from textbooks, students are limited to the 2D images in the books for a certain topic suppressing their ability to understand the topic properly. As how they understand the topic is then solely dependent on the student’s imagination of how he perceives the topic in a real life scenario. Now with the introduction of educational apps, they provide explanations in 3D animations which doesn’t leave much to the student’s imagination as the student is able to see how it really works as it is being explained.

4.Skill building: With the various interactive exercises available in educational applications, they indulge students into doing exercises which will help them to build their problem solving skills. They also offer various types of sample papers and extra questions with their solutions from previous year’s board exams, with which students can practice on and get a better understanding on how to face their board exam.

5.Regular assessments: E-Learning applications also offer a way of self assessment. Conducting assessments at regular intervals and changing the standard of learning based on how the student performs. If the student is found to be performing well then
the difficulty of the questions are increased, thus helping the student to improve upon oneself. If the questions prove to be difficult for the student then accordingly, the difficulty is brought down to a level where the student is able to answer them.

These are few of the aspects how educational applications help in providing people with syllabus focused and better quality content which is easily accessible and enable students to practice on sample papers, so they get a better idea of how to face their exams. For an idea of how radical E-learning apps are check out the you tube channel link:

or try downloading the app for a first hand experience on E-learning apps -BYJU’S – The Learning App.

About Author:

Basil C Baby is an Engineer and Blogger with impending knowledge in several sectors of the economy. Currently working with think and learn pvt ltd in helping students to come fall in love with learning.

Email: basil.baby@byjus.com

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