MWC 2016 is upon us. What to expect to see there?

The Mobile World Congress (MWC) is one of the largest mobile technology exhibitions to be held in the world. Taking place in February each year in Barcelona (Spain), it is the place where numerous manufacturers and developers showcase their innovations to be released in the year. Last year’s event gave us new flagship devices, like the Galaxy S6 and the HTC M9, and innovative products, like the Galaxy Edge and others. Let’s see what we can expect to see this year.


Smartphones have most likely reached the pinnacle of their development in their current format. They have huge screens and powerful hardware, allowing us to play anything from all slots online casino games to Ingress, which is widely considered one of the most resource hungry mobile games of all time.

This year we can expect new models of the existing lines to hit the market. Samsung is expected to release its Galaxy S7, LG is said to prepare to launch its G5, and HTC will also likely launch its M10 flagship. Sony is expected to break its tradition, and not present a new Xperia at MWC, focusing on other lines instead. Microsoft, in turn, will most likely reveal two new smartphones at the event, both running Windows 10.

Innovative technologies

Samsung is rumored to prepare a bendable phone for launch in 2016. That would really be something, considering how big Apple’s #bendgate has become a while ago. Manufacturers are also expected to present new approaches to improving battery life, either by putting bigger batteries under their phones’ hood (instead of making them slimmer), or by further optimizing the power consumption of their devices. New cooling technologies are also expected to surface – especially since Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 810 is said to be overheating like hell. Microsoft has introduced liquid cooling in its 950XL flagship last year. Let’s see what other manufacturers come up with innovative ideas to keep our phones from blowing up while playing Ingress…

Google’s Project Ara – a modular smartphone, with interchangeable parts – might also show up at the event. While the company promised to show a working model at MWC 2015, it has delayed it with one more year. This could mean that the phone will finally surface this year, putting an end to the vicious circle of constantly changing phones.

What’s not announced – or rumored

But even if all these new products rumored to be launched at the MWC 2016 are peanuts compared to what has not been announced or rumored. The event is always a source of a lot of surprises,

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