How to encourage birds to nest in your backyard

If you like seeing birds and appreciate their beauty,you should also consider encouraging them to nest in your backyard.Not only will you enjoy being in their company throughout the year,you could also watch them rear their young right in front of your eyes.What’s better than deriving happiness from providing a safe nesting haven for birds […]

WordPress 3.0 released

A short while ago WordPress 3.0 “Thelonius”,the thirteenth major release of WordPress and the efforts of 218 contributors over a periiod of six months,has become available for download or upgrade within the dashboard.A new theme called Twenty Ten which the wordpress team label as ‘sexy’ has been included in this release.If you are about to […]

How to learn any language – 10 great tips

Learning a language is a never ending process which requires patience,dedication,hard work and perseverance.Nobody can claim to be perfect in any particular language.There is always a lot of scope for improvement in any field,let alone learning a language.There are plenty of ways to improve one’s knowledge of a language and even if you are just […]

5 lessons I learnt from my previous blogs

It was in 2007 that I started blogging after reading a few articles on how to start a blog.They were mostly blogspot blogs (most of which failed and dont exist today). They helped me understand what blogging was all about. Blogging served as a platform to express my opinions and thoughts to the entire world […]

10 reasons why every man should lift weights

Lifting weights has become an integral part of my daily routine.While I am still miles away from being a Ronnie Coleman or an Arnold schwarzenegger,I can already feel the results.It has had a positive impact on my life and probably changed my entire life.Let’s take a look at the reasons why every man should lift […]

Top 7 reasons why 90% blogs fail

Blogging is an investment that needs time to grow.It requires passion,dedication,hard work and most importantly,lots of patience.The more patience you have,the better it is for you since gaining credibilty and ensuring a heavy traffic every month takes time.Now that you’ve got a basic idea about blogging,let’s take a look at the top 7 reasons why […]

10 reasons why you should learn a foreign language

Most people scoff at the idea of learning a second language,without realizing how many benefits they can reap from it.Although it does require a lot of patience,dedication and hard work,believe me,it’s worth it.You are going to thank me for inspiring you to learn a foreign language which could help in ways more than one. Following […]

How to Attract Birds to Your Backyard

Almost everyone appreciates the beauty of birds and enjoys seeing them rambling about in their gardens.No wonder bird watching or birding as it is popularly known is emerging as a favourite past time for many.With a few changes to your backyard you can attract a lot of birds and enjoy the delight of watching birds […]

15 Alternatives to Google Adsense

Even though google adsense is still the top choice for most publishers,its strict policies and automatic banning of websites due to a few clicks from a particular IP address have created unrest among many.Citing complaints by many publishers that they were not accepted into the adsense publisher network or their accounts were disabled or freezed […]

Adsense Vs Adbrite – Which is better

There is an ongoing debate these days as to which ad network is better : Google Adsense or Adbrite.Although most people prefer to use adsense and seem to be making decent earnings,adbrite is also an option that can be as rewarding,if not more.Many people even claim that their adbrite earnings are significantly higher than google […]