Ford Figo Price, Features, Specifications, Review and Photos

Ford Figo is a newly launched car in the reasonable price range of 3.5 lakh onwards, with basic features particularly suited to the Indian road and traffic conditions. It gets its name from the colloquial Italian expression Figo which is similar to colloquial English expression ‘cool’. The car offers third generation safety features like Antilock […]

Microsoft Office 2010 Prices in India

Microsoft Office 2010 has been launched in India and has been made available in 240 countries and 10 languages, and will expand to 254 countries and 94 languages which include 12 Indian languages. It will be available in Hindi, Assamese, Gujarati, Malayalam, Tamil, Telugu, Marathi, Konkani, Kannada, Oriya,Bengali  and Punjabi. Office Home & Business 2010 – INR 10,000 Office […]

Indian Railways PNR Status Free Enquiry

The Indian Railways have started free PNR status enquiry service by launching a toll free number which works all over India,including small cities & villages.The service is free of cost and will let you enquire about the PNR status,current train running position, accommodation availability and fare enquiry. These services are available in Malayalam, Tamil, Kannada, […]

India Toll Free Numbers Complete List

A handy toll free phone numbers list saves a lot of time and effort.Here is a list of highly useful toll free numbers of major companies in various fields so that you wont have to search all over the place for the number of a particular company.More importantly the numbers are toll free which means […]

How to convert PDF to word document

Contrary to popular belief, converting a PDF file to a word document is surprisingly easy.Given below is a list of free PDF to word converters that make the task miserably simple :-  Free PDF to Word Doc Converter v1.1 Free PDF to Word Converter The first and the third are free softwares that allow you to […]

How to convert Word documents to PDF

Most people think converting word documents to PDF files involves a lot of work.Contrary to this,the process is very simple if one knows the right tools and websites for this purpose. It only takes a few seconds to convert any word document to a PDF file and that too for free. Both online and offline […]

How to increase download speeds by 100-200 kbsec

Download this awesome software from this link : When you start the program go to settings go to cable modem or dsl whatever u have. Go to MaxMTU and set it to 1500 this is optimal anything above this will not work as well. Thats bout it!! Enjoy the speed!!

How to find MP3's quickly

A good way of finding MP3s (or other formats) is using Google and typing the following: parent + directory + mp3 + OR + wma+ #dido# Replace #dido# by whatever artist you wish to find, for example: parent + directory + mp3 + OR + wma+ #Lamb# You would get plenty of directories with MP3s […]

How to make separate RSS feeds for each category in your wordpress blog

As you can see,I blog on multiple topics on a single blog which makes it difficult for me to increase the RSS subscribers count as people who are interested in a particular topic may not be interested in the other topics on my blog.People who subscribed to my feed often backed out in a few […]