How Does Pay Per Click Search Engine Marketing Work

Pay per click search engines work in a 2 way system – they offer you the benefits of your site appearing on the top of search page results for any term you may wish but not without a good amount of investment from your side. With proper research and optimization, pay per click search engines […]

How to Display Twitter Followers Count on Your Blog

Twitter is fast becoming the ultimate choice for providing and receiving updates to & from people around the world. So it would actually be a good idea to connect with your fans and bloggers in your niche on Twitter by displaying your twitter count and giving visitors the opportunity to connect with you & receive […]

My Data Usage Pro App for iPhone and iPod Touch

Webrich software has recently released a new app for iPhone and iPod Touch that will be known as “My Data Usage Pro”. This app basically allows you to keep track of your monthly data usage i.e. the amount of data you’ve uploaded and downloaded. The best part is that this app works with any cellular […]

How to Get Targeted Traffic to Your Blog from LinkedIn

Every blogger who has spent a relatively good amount of time blogging would agree to the fact that traffic is the root to the success of every blog on the internet. Without traffic, there is not much you could achieve with your blog, no matter how good the content you’ve created is. This reinstates the […]

Coal India Gives Investors Exit Option Due to Prospectus Error

Coal India, the country’s largest coal producing company, which has been in headlines recently over the largest IPO ever to be made available to the public, has been asked by the capital markets regulator SEBI to offer investors an exit option until October 25 after errors were pointed out in its prospectus, the state-run company’s […]

Increase Your Adsense Revenue by Using Adsense Section Targeting

Although Google Adsense is by far the most successful and the most profitable mode of earning money online via your blog, the revenues that it generates depends on a lot of factors. Amongst the many others that contribute to a higher adsense revenue is Adsense Section Targeting. It is a perfectly legal way of increasing […]

How to Make More Money with Google Adsense

There is a lot of hype on the internet about people making fortunes from google adsense which might be difficult to believe especially if you are earning only a few cents from it. The success stories are in fact true and not merely fake ones made up by webmasters. The key to their success is […]

How to Invest in Sensex Indian Stock Market in 2010

These days a lot of people are taking the plunge into the Stock Markets, especially equities, by investing large sums of money hoping to double their investments amid all the hype about the markets returning to their former glory. The International stock markets & the Sensex had earlier taken a hard beating in the starting […]

Increase Your Blog's Revenue by Redirecting Google Images Traffic

Whether or not you are aware of it, about 50%-60% of the total traffic on your blog is mostly comprised of the useless google images traffic, which means people just search about a thing on google image to steal your images and use them on their blog. This type of traffic is usually the least […]