Find WiFi Hotspot for iPod Touch [How to Tutorial]

You are in the mood to browse the internet or watch some videos on Youtube or connect with your old friends on Facebook, but are unable to do so because you dont know how to find a wi-fi hotspot ? Well, here’s a guide that tells just how to do that.   First you have […]

How to Reset iPod Touch Password [Tutorial]

So you want to reset your iPod touch password, as you are no longer able to remember the password you had manually set, but are unable to do so since you dont know the steps involved. Well, here is a simple tutorial for you which lets you reset your iPod touch password easily.   Open […]

Which is the Best DTH Service in India – Comparison

There are a lot of options available when it comes to choosing a DTH service for your home. Selecting the best DTH service provider is important and we make the task easier by comparing the major ones available in the Indian market and helping you choose the best one among Tata Sky, Dish TV, Airtel […]

Type Text in Hindi Using Your Keyboard

There are many of us who would prefer to write text in Hindi rather than using English since Hindi is our mother tongue and people are generally more comfortable speaking or writing in their mother tongue instead of any foregin language. Now this is possible with the help of an online software known as Quillpad. […]

Check LIC Policy Status Details

Life Insurance Corporation is the largest insurance company in India and has been providing insurance schemes since many decades and securing the lives of billions of people across the nation. However most people are confused how to check their LIC policy details online and we make a sincere effort to help you check your LIC […]

Browser Unable to Open a Particular Website Troubleshoot

There are times when your browser is unable to open a particular website inspite of your internet connection working perfectly well and being able to open all other websites. Instead of getting frustated and beating your head over it, make use of the following tips to troubleshoot your internet connection. Remember any one of these […]

7 Tips to Speed Up Your Internet Connection

Apart from BSNL broadband, all other internet services including the over hyped wireless internet services like Bsnl Evdo, Reliance Netconnect & Tata Photon Plus are not up to the mark and make browsing a horrible experience. So here are some tips to speed up your internet connection. 1. Turn off Javascript, Flash Plug-in & Java […]

Add Mobile Number to Your Facebook Account

Facebook had recently started its SMS service which enables users to get notifications via sms updates whenever someone sends a friend request, tags photos or writes on someone’s wall. I have been using this feature and it is really quite useful since I do not have to log in to my facebook account to see […]