[How To] Remove Ads From Windows Live Messenger 2011

Windows Live Messenger has been there since times immemorial (not really :P) and is one of the most widely used messengers in the world. However, it comes with a lot of annoying advertisements which blatantly present themselves right in the faces of users. Thankfully a software, an application actually, caled “A-Patch” can be used to […]

Internet Explorer Has Stopped Working Error – Fixed

Have you ever been annoyed by the message “Internet Explorer Has Stopped Working”? Well, I’m sure you must have encountered it countless number of times in your computing career. Not only does it cause a lot of frustration while doing something important, it eats up the system resources as well, which could cause your computer […]

Hostgator 25% Off Coupon Codes

I’ve recommended Hostgator webhosting to many people and will continue to do so in the future as well. The reason for this is quite clear, it is currently the best webhosting provider currently and this is not only my opinion, but countless other bloggers (nearly all of them) feel the same too.   Hostgator offers […]

Download VirtualBox Extension Pack 4.0.10

The newest version of the popular desktop virtualization software – VirtualBox 4.0.10 is available for download now. The major updates in the extension pack include USB 2 device support on guests, PXE RM network boot and remote desktop protocol to virtual machines. Make sure to update your virtualbox software to the latest version to ensure […]

Download Google+ app for iPhone Now

Google+, which has launched with a bang and is fast gaining popularity with young generation all over the world, is now available as an app for the iPhone as well. You can download Google Plus app for iPhone by visiting “m.google.com/plus” on your browser.   While most of the features are the same, there only […]

iPhone 5 Release Date in US – September 5

Great news for all iPhone fans. You won’t have to wait any longer for the much awaited upgrade to iPhone4, the iPhone 5. iPhone 5 Release Date is finally known. According to iPhoneItalia, Swisscom senior executive has confirmed that the 5th generation of iPhone will be released on September 5 in the US and on […]

Top 5 Best iPad Games 2011

More and more people are being drawn towards a plethora of captivating iPad games. And why shouldn’t they be? With such wonderful graphics & innovative gameplay, choosing the top 5 among so many enchanting ones became quite difficult for me. Here’s the list of the 5 best iPad Games of 2011, based on their popularity […]

Motorola Releases Android 2.3.4 Gingerbread Update for Atrix 4G

Motorola has finally updated its android series, releasing the android 2.3.4 Gingerbread update for Atrix 4G users. The update can be downloaded either via OTA or manually as well. Here are some of the upgrades that this update brings:   Faster Webtop browsing Dismiss one notification from notification tray Full 1080p HD video playback Music […]

Best 5 Touchscreen Mobile Phones Below 10000

With so many touchscreen phones being released in India, both by domestic and international mobile manufacturers, choosing a touchscreen mobile has become all the more difficult. Now even Nokia has joined the race and released a few touchscreen mobiles that cost under Rs. 10k. Here are the top (best) 5 touchscreen mobile phones below 10000 […]

Best (Top) 5 Digital Cameras Under Rs. 10,000 in India

With so many different models of digicams being launched these days, choosing one has become all the more difficult. But what’s good is that you can get hold of a pretty good digital camera for under Rs. 10k, with a number of features to go with a high resolution and zoom. Here are the 5 Best (Top) […]