Best Freeware MP3 Cutter Software

After having downloaded various free personal development lessons from the internet, I searched for the best freeware mp3 cutter software to get rid of the useless promotions in the beginning, which included joining the seminars to be held at various places in New york and so on.   While there were quite a few options […]

Angry Birds PC Game for Windows – Download Now

Angry Birds, which is among the most popular games on any platform ever, and has sold more than 50 million copies worldwide is now available for download for your Windows PC. The game requires you to launch supposedly angry birds at various pigs on a playfield and destroy them using a sligshot, by directing it […]

Tata Photon Plus Bill Payment Online & Offline

If you are a tata photon plus customer and want to pay all your bills online, directly with your laptop or desktop PC from the comfort from your home ? Well, the good news is that Tata Photon offers you many online bill payment options, which means you won’t have to go anywhere to pay […]

Download CCleaner for Mac – Clean your MAC with one click

Piriform has released the third public beta version of its highly popular CCleaner Software for Mac which allows users to get rid of unwanted items from their Mac operating system instantly with the help of the software, just like what it used to do in the Windows version as well.   The best part about […]

[How To] Change Firefox 4 Address Bar Search Engine to Yahoo or Bing

Firefox 4 had recently changed its standard address bar to Omni bar which is actually a combination of both the address bar and a search bar, since it incorporates both of them into a single bar. Although the default search engine for Firefox 4 is the standard Google search, you can change it to whatever […]

[How To] Print Screen on Mac OS X – Tutorial

A lot of people are confused as to how to do print screne on their Mac OS X since there is no print screen button in the keyboard. If you are not well versed with the commands of Mac operating system, you are going to have a difficult time finding the option to print screen […]

Delete Flash Cookies – How to Remove Flash Cookies

It’s important to delete and remove flash cookies from your computer as soon as possible in order to prevent any tracking of your computing activities by various web sites and unscrupulous elements. It’s always a wise thing to keep your browser free from any cookies to ensure maximum safety while browsing the internet. If you […]

Idea 3G Tariff Plans – Prepaid & Postpaid Plans

With a war raging between different mobile network companies in order to get the most number of 3G subscribers, it is the customers who are benefitting the most, due to competitive pricing of 3G plans. Although 3G is still not that popular among Indian consumers, companies are trying their best to woo customers by offering […]

Best 5 Mobile Phones Below Rs. 5000 in India

Buying a high-end mobile phone is almost useless nowadays since lots of mobiles with respectable features are now available for affordable prices in India. Why should you shell out huge bucks when you can get a mobile that offers a complete mutimedia experience at a much cheaper price. There are even 3G enabled mobiles available […]

Top 5 Best iPod Touch Games 2011

There is an evergrowing number of games being released on iPod touch, and choosing the best ones from them is a tedious & well, time-consuming task. Here we review some of the top finest iPod touch games that have been entertaining users from around the world.   Best iPod Touch Games 2011:   1. Angry […]