3 Useful Google Chrome Extensions for Bloggers

Though Internet Explorer used to be the mainstay as far as browsers are concerned, it is no more the most preferred browser on the internet. Instead its place has been taken over by Google Chrome, which has notched up the ranks slowly over the years as it is a lot more reliable & secure and […]

Calibre – The Best Free PDF to EPUB Converter

Earlier when iPad didn’t support the PDF format, users really had a difficult time trying to figure out a way to read their PDF files on their iPad’s. That’s when they started searching for ways to convert PDF files to the ePub format as Apple iPad offers native support for ePub files. That’s where the […]

Best RSS Readers for Firefox

Mozilla Firefox is one of the most widely used browsers in the world, with millions of users using it for browsing the net. Though there’s no doubt that Firefox is much faster and more reliable than other browsers and supports thousands of useful add-ons, it still doesn’t come with an built-in RSS feed reader, which […]

Uninor Internet (GPRS) Plans, Tariff and Validity Details

Uninor is the latest entrant into the telecom industry in India and so far it has done a remarkable job in establishing a decent user base thanks to its enticing offers, low tariff charges and cheap internet plans. Uninor has various GPRS plans in different regions & cities in India including Andhra Pradesh, Bihar (Including […]