An Evaluation of Texting Platforms

The advent of “texting” continues to transform human communication, even causing the emergence of a new vernacular based on abbreviations, acronyms, and emoticons. The activity’s popularity has shaped the development of novel mobile platforms meant to facilitate text messaging efficiency, accuracy, and speed. And while the term texting originally referred to communication of text by […]

The technologies helping combat fraud

As a consumer, one of your biggest worries might be identity theft and fraud and rightly so.  Criminals and thieves are becoming more and more advanced everyday.  There are a number of risks involved in online banking, but these are progressively lessened with advances in technology to combat identity theft and fraud.  Here’s a look […]

Lenovo All Set to Sell Android Smart TV's in China

Lenovo, the mega electronics brand, mostly famous for its stylish laptops has decided to tap into the growing Android television market and is all set to start selling 42-inch Android Smart TV’s in China. The pre-order for the same will start from April 10 onwards though the launch date is not confirmed yet. The TV […]

Best Tablet for Facebook Games

Facebook games are so popular these days that it’s hardly a surprise people want are looking to get rid of their conventional desktop boxes and go for a stylish new tablet PC instead. While I would say it’s not that tablets can compare with the tried & tested desktop PCs on each and every aspect, […]