4 Considerations When Choosing A Domain Name

domain nameYour domain name is the equivalent of a handshake with a potential customer. If it’s weak, strange or unappealing, they might just turn around and take their business elsewhere. So how can you choose the perfect domain? Here are just four ideas.

1: Use Your Location

If you’re offering goods and services to a specific region, include that area in your domain name so people using search engines will easily find you. For example, if you perform glass repair in Miami, call yourself MiamiGlassRepair.com.

2: Avoid Alternative Spellings

KathysKandles may be a clever play on words, but most people aren’t going to type that in their web browser. When they hear about your site from a friend or community billboard, they’re going to use the traditional spelling without even thinking about it.

3: Play Around With Keywords

If you’re having trouble generating ideas for a domain name, make a list of keywords associated with your business so you can edit, combine or brainstorm them into something meaningful. For instance, a bookseller might list “books,” “literature,” “plays,” “Shakespeare,” et cetera.

4: Be Obvious

Your domain name should clearly state what your company is selling. Sites like Amazon and Flickr are only able to get away with unrelated names because they’re such huge enterprises. Your start-up doesn’t have that same luxury.

These are just four things to keep in mind when you register a domain name. Remember, it’s the customer’s first impression of your brand, so put some thought into it and choose something exceptional.

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