5 Best Paypal Alternatives in India

Paypal is undoubtedly the best online payment system, with millions of users successfully using it to send money over the internet. However due to the strict regulations imposed by the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) on Indian users registered with Paypal, looking for alternatives has become the need of the hour.

Earlier this year, following a series of disputes between RBI and Paypal, the RBI finally took the decision to stop Indian users from making payments on the internet for goods & services using Paypal and limiting them to only receiving payments for their freelance works. So let’s check out the 5 best Paypal Alternatives in India:

1. Alertpay – A popular online transaction medium that allows transactions from more than 190 countries across the globe. Though it is not all that readily accepted by major shopping websites on the internet, you can securely use Alertpay to receive payments & withdraw funds to your bank account without any hassles. The fees associated with the transactions are quite low as well.

2. Google Checkout – A relatively new and rather unknown alternative to Paypal, which had recently been launched by Google. Google Checkout searches products for you from major shopping websites and allows you to buy with your credit or debit card. Also, a directory of all e-commerce websites that accept their payment system is available on Google, so you can conveniently choose among them.

3. Xoom – A highly popular online payment system that has been successfully running for many years. It allows you to send money from any country to India. The good thing about this Xoom is that it accepts every type of credit cards and also debit cards, so using it to receive money for your freelance works is a good option. However, the withdrawal option is check by courier service and not direct transfer to bank account.

4. 2checkout – An international payment processor system that has completed a decade of online presence. It serves as an authorized reseller of physical as well as digital products and accepts all sorts of credit cards, online checks, debit cards and paypal. Their USP is their strict fraud detection & protection services. The only downside to 2checkout is their rather high transaction charge and commission on each transaction.

5. Moneybookers – An e-commerce transaction medium that has a whopping 21.2 million members registered with them. The service is easy to use, allows instant payments and the charge levied on each transaction is very low indeed. A great alternative to Paypal, which you can use to send & receive payments online.

Which Paypal alternative do you like the best? Do share your views with us.

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  1. Google Checkout is does not work in India. Forget about receiving payment we can’t even make simple payment from our credit card.

  2. I also read that Google Wallet (formerly Google Checkout) services are quite limited for India. basically it is just an option for selling digital goods. However there is plenty of other options operating and new options appearing. to add to your list: CCNow, Pyoneer, Paysera. All could work both for accepting payments and international money transfers.

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