5 Best PDF Reader Apps for iPad

Although iPad is a fascinating & best-selling tablet which is loaded with some high quality features, it lacks the in-built capability of reading one of the most popular files – PDF documents. However there are many apps available in the iTunes store (though most of them cost a few dollars) that can act as PDF readers for your iPad. So let’s discuss the 5 best PDF Reader Apps for iPad :


1. FileApp


A terrific app that lets you open not only PDF files but a variety of files, including MS Office, images, html, zip, audio and video as well. Allows you to easily transfers your file through Wi-Fi and is pretty fast to load up as well. Although free, the pro version comes at a price of $4.99.


2. PDF/Comic/eBook Reader Bookman


Another free app that acts as an Ebook reader and supports PDF files as well as Comic Archive files. Comes with exciting features like large thubnails, double-page browsing type, URL detection, keyword search, history and books with a folder function.


3. Stanza


Perhaps not the best app for reading PDF’s but a pretty decent one indeed. The best part is that its free to use, so you have to shell out any moolahs for it. Allows you to sync your documents directly to your iPad via iTunes. Comes with page turning effect as well.


4. ReaddleDocs for iPad


Though it costs $4.99, it allows you to read large PDF files with links, search and text reflow. Comes with useful features like highlighting text and making notes in the pdf, copy documents to your device over USB, Wi-Fi & 3G and also to upload and download files to iDisk, Dropbox and Google Docs.


5. GoodReader for iPad


Has the ability to open many types of files (mostly documents). Features PDF Reflow mode that extracts the image out of PDF document and lets you read only the text, which makes reading and loading much better. Comes at a price of $2.99.


Which one among the above five do you think is the best? Do share your thoughts in the comment form below.


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