5 Best Samsung Bada Apps

With the launch of the high-end Samsung Bada OS, which is fast gaining popularity, there has been a growing demand for Bada specific apps as well. While Samsung’s marketplace itself has several apps, there are many others that have been specifically designed for the Bada Platform. In this article we are going to discuss some of the top Bada apps. Here goes the list of 5 best Samsung Bada Apps:


1. TypeWhileWalk – A damn useful application if you like multi-tasking. The app lets you type easily while walking, by showing things in front of you using the camera phone as you walk, helping you prevent bumping into obstacles in your path.


2. DJ Scratch – A fun application that lets you play the role of a DJ. With a variety of things to mix and match and a virtual turntable to assist you, you can make interesting tunes and play with any song you like.


3. LED Flashlight – This one has come in handy for me quite a number of times. Its a popular app on nearly all platforms but has just been released for Bada OS. Uses the camera’s LED flash as a flashlight if you require one!


4. DeathLand3D – A popular action adventure game in which you need to guide your character Witchita through Deathland, a place filled with zombies. Pretty decent graphics & plenty of weapons to slay your enemies! The best part is its free!


5. The Sims 3 – One of the most popular simulation games ever, The Sims 3, is now available on Bada OS. Now don’t expect me to tell you what this games’ about. Just download the app and start playing!


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