5 Reasons Why You Need To Go For Cold Laminators

Lamination is one of the best ways of controlling stickers used when designing posters or simple office stickers. Whichever the reason is, lamination is necessary when you need to transfer a document from one place to another, especially those that come with a printout on one side and a sticker on the backside. The laminating substance is usually a light polythene material that does not adhere to the sticker, but with a slight push, can be detached from the sticker. The laminator is a machine that makes this process easier for producers.

cold laminator

We generally have two types of these machines. The pouch laminator, commonly used in name badge creation and the roll laminators, used in many of our elementary schools are the common ones today. However, the introduction of the cold laminators (so called, as they use no heat) has made it possible for the process to be done where the twoabove-mentioned machines could not be used. What are some of the advantages of using these laminators?

1.      Versatility:

Cold laminators are used in more areas than other types of laminating machines. They can create stickers, they can be used for general lamination and in addition, they are used sometimes to create magnets. A company may not see the possibility of using these laminators in the beginning, but when one day you will have to produce sticky documents, you will need these laminators. They are mostly used in making signage.

2.      Safety reasons:

The other types of laminators produce heat. In school, there are higher chances that a child will touch the hot shell of the machine and be bruised. You can even start a fire when the machine is handled in the wrong way. With cold laminators, there is no heat produced, thus you will not have to worry about any hazardous effects of its use.

3.      Power consumption:

Power usage is one of the greatest disadvantages of the other laminators. When making use of cold laminators, there is no power that is consumed. They are small, handy and can be used anywhere. You can use them in your book party at home or at school while making your artwork presentable. This huge improvement makes it a favorite, especially with parents. As for other types of laminators, you will need to connect them to a socket and have the heating element hot enough. As we know, the greatest consumers of electricity when it comes to domestic appliances are those that have heating elements.

4.      Easy handling of the device:

Heat based laminators are hard to use. This is because with the machines, you will have to take care of the temperature of the element, the speed at which you will have to run the documents through the machine and the quality of the document that you are using. This is not the case with cold laminators. All you have to do is keep on cranking the handle any time it is in use.

5.      Sensitivity issues:

Cold laminators cannot damage documents that are sensitive to heat. As we have seen earlier, you will have to worry about the temperature of the machine when laminating a document if you are using other means. Some of these documents are very sensitive, and using the cold laminator is one of the safest ways of ensuring that the documents will not be damaged.

Cold laminators simply remove the heat factor in laminating a document. You may not see the importance if you are not a frequent user, but for those who are conversant with lamination, they can guess how much accuracy you will need when heat is being used in laminating a document.

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