A Day Like No Other

It was 3:40 pm in the afternoon as I raced towards clock tower on my scooter to get a few household things for my sister who was leaving for Delhi that very day in the evening. The phone bell started ringing and as I picked up the phone the voice of my cousin brother sounded a very pleasant invitation to me. He said that he was leaving for Dubai with his sister to meet his elder sister who was married to a banker a year ago. He wanted me and my sister to accompany them for this short stay of about a week with the married couple. The idea sounded very pleasant to me but the mere thought of a heavy expenditure prevented me from taking an instant decision but my cousin was adamant in obtaining a quick reply from me because the tickets had to be booked and the visa had to be obtained within a time span of fifteen days.

I eventually managed to convince him to give me a day to think and plan. The next day I finally give him the nod to go ahead with the plans after getting a positive reply from my parents. We all were very excited at the prospect of visiting Dubai about which we had heard a lot. Finally the day arrived when we boarded the Emirates flight from Delhi and within four hours we found ourselves standing at Dubai International Airport. Our cousins’ sister and her husband welcomed us very warmly at the airport and took us to their flat in one of the posh areas. It was such a gratifying moment to be with them because we all were of nearly the same age and no elders were accompanying us. It was like college students making merry on being left alone. They had planned and worked out every detail for our sightseeing in Dubai and after that suitable entertainment as well.

Next morning we all got up very early as we wanted to make the most of our time in Dubai. We started the day by going out for desert safari. The experience was exhilarating and spine chilling as the vehicle swerved speedily over the sand dunes with loud music blaring inside it. I loved every bit of it and my heart skipped a beat as the vehicle swiftly jumped from one sand dune to another in a most gratifying manner. The sudden roll down-hill caused a flutter in our stomachs but the experience was simply awesome. Soon after, they took us to a small village where we were treated to an exhilarating exhibition of belly dancing followed by a lavish lunch. The evening was spent in exploring the superb malls which included the Dubai mall and Ibn Battuta mall. These places had a different ambience which was far better than those of Indian malls. Finally we topped it off by spending quality time among ourselves in unique settings like the Dubai creek, Hotel Burj al arab, Burj Khalifa and the Atlantis.

The time spent in Dubai truly refreshed our minds and gave us new memories to cherish for a lifetime. It also provided us with much needed strength and motivation to continue with our grueling work lives. It was now time to head home and enjoy the luxury of our new apartment recently purchased through Housing.com.

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