A Walk Down the Memory Lane

The year 2009 was one to which I had always been looking up to, for in June that year I would be awarded the degree of B.Tech in Electrical engineering. I would be able to prefix the abbreviation Er. with my name and would walk tall amongst my family members and other friends & relatives. Good as I was in studies further made me feel proud and left no doubt in my mind that jobs would come on a platter for me and placement in a good MNC would almost be a cakewalk. I dreamt big and started living in a world of utopia, imagining great things which I would do and fulfill my innumerable dreams and desires of life. Honestly I had worked very hard to reach this level and anything less than the best or mediocre would not be acceptable to me.

Soon the time came when my B.Tech degree was finally awarded to me, but lo and behold, what followed was unimaginable and heart breaking. The very dreams on which I had been riding high soon started crashing one by one and left me extremely despondent and distraught. The year 2009 saw a period of recession and hardly any company worth its name visited the college for placements. The level of frustration grew day by day as I found myself unemployed even after four years of hard work in college. Soon days rolled over into months but no hope of good employment was in sight. I remember getting up late in the morning, lazily getting through the day, eating frugal meals and then sleeping with red eyes. A year passed by in this state of depression. I could hardly see any rays of hope or excitement.

But as they say, every dark cloud has a silver lining, one day my father’s student who used to study chemistry from my father at home, heard my plight and planned to help me. His father who was the CFO of a Dubai based company called up my dad the next day and asked him to send over my CV to him. He assured my father of his full help and support, and when my father broke this news to me, tears of joy overflowed and lifted me with hope. I thanked god for sending this heavenly help for me. The moment filled me with optimism and hope for the future. Without wasting a moment, I sent my CV to him and believe it or not, I got a call for an interview in the company in Delhi within a week. I brushed up my knowledge and reached the appointed place. The interview, which lasted for almost an hour, went off well and finally I got the offer letter of Engineer trainee in the organization. I thanked my godfather umpteen number of times who taught me a lesson in the process “Always help someone who is in dire need”. From then on, I have been staying in Delhi and doing very well by the grace of god, perhaps it is now the right time to look for a house on Housing.com!


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