About Me

As the domain name suggests, my name is Harshit Singhal and I’m the sole author and contributor to this blog. I am about to be 21 years old and am currently pursuing civil engineering from a reputed university in my hometown Dehradun.

I had a passion for technology right from my childhood, when computers came into the fray and started catching the attention of youngsters like me. Although I have had a number of interests and passions over the years, I have been addicted to computers, gadgets and technology ever since.

HarshitSinghal.com was founded in June 2010 with the sole purpose of providing useful tech tutorials and latest tech news to tech enthusiasts all around the world. The journey so far has been immensely satisfying, with the blog emerging as one of the best tech blogs in India and having won many accolades along the way.

The blog gets about 90,000 + monthly visitors which is indeed an impressive figure. Going forward I shall strive to keep providing useful content to my fellow citizens and improve the blog all along.

If you would like to make any suggestions, ask any queries or simply let me know your opinion about my blog, you can do so by using the contact form. You are also welcome to befriend me on Facebook, Twitter and Google+.