15 Alternatives to Google Adsense

Even though google adsense is still the top choice for most publishers,its strict policies and automatic banning of websites due to a few clicks from a particular IP address have created unrest among many.Citing complaints by many publishers that they were not accepted into the adsense publisher network or their accounts were disabled or freezed ,I decided to compile a list of alternatives to google that could generate a decent amount of revenue,have been operating since a realtively long period and are trustworthy i.e. pay their publishers on time.This list encompasses not only Pay per click(PPC) but also CPM(cost per thousand) and intext ad programs that could be used simultaneously on websites to maximimize the earnings.So take a look and see for yourself which one suits you the best.

1. Adbrite – This is one of my personal favourites since it offers a variety of revenue generating options.It has CPC,CPM,inline ads and you can also sell ads to your visitors.It has more relaxed terms and conditions than google adsense and small publishers including bloggers can join their network as well.You can monetize all your traffic by displaying banner ads which pay on a cost per thousand basis.Thus the income can be supplemented by using all their ad programs and some publishers have even reported a better revenue with adbrite than google adsense.Payment is made by check and on time.The best alternative to adsense.

2. Bidvertiser – It is a popular ad network with a high number of advertisers in each category.Could help you in earning substantial revenue.You can try it on your website/blog to see if the ads related to your niche are high paying ones.Payment threshold is $10 by paypal or in $25 increments by check.Click here to sign-up for bidvertiser.

3. Kontera – Kontera is fast emerging as a well reputed ad network due to its consistent payment history and customer support.It has a much better click-through ratio than most programs but have limited ads at present.Worth trying out.

4. ValueClickMedia – It is one of the best CPM network but getting accepted into it is difficult.They have strict terms and conditions and a minimum requirement of 3000 page views per month.Text,image and pop-under ads formats are available.Payment is made by check or paypal.

5. Clicksor – It has been there since a relatively long time but publishers outside of the US & UK have been facing problems with it.A nice payout of upto 85 % and payment by check & paypal.

6. AdToll – Text and banner ads are available.Pays on a CPC basis and the revenue earned as a publisher can be used to advertise.They have multiple payment options including check & paypal.

7. TNX – A relatively new ad network which allows you to sell links on websites.Good for supplementing your income but shouldn’t be used as a lone revenue generating source.

8. TribalFusion – A highly reputed CPM network with a decent CPM rate.Meeting the site requirements is difficult.Publishers must have a minimum of 5000 unique visitors everyday and a professional,regularly updated website.

9. BurstMedia – A good CPM based network with a high CPM rate.It has a high revenue generating potential,especially for websites with high traffic.Minimum monthly pageviews of 25,000 is required to be considered as a publisher.

10. CasaleMedia – Often rated as the best CPM/CPC network by many publishers.Can be used with other ad networks to generate more revenue.Not too difficult to get accepted and have many quality ads.

11. TextLinkAds – Money can be made by selling links on your website.Consistent payment history and a popular program.

12. Infolinks – An upcoming intext ad network that seems to be going well with publishers.Intext advertising is a good option for maximizing your earnings.Can be used with adbrite banner or inline ads.Payment by check or paypal.

13. Amazon Associates Program – It pays commission on a cost per sale basis.Can be used in the sidebar and it is definitely a high income generator once set up properly.Payments can also be availed as amazon gift coupons.

14. Clickbank – It is based on affiliate marketing.You can choose a product to sell on your website from its exhaustive inventory.Commission depends on the product chosen.A highly reputed and high income generating program.

15. Chitika – Last but not the least,comes another highly popular and potentially high revenue generating program,which once set up can provide you with consistent income.It is also based on affiliate marketing and has different kinds of products to sell.


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