Adsense Vs Adbrite – Which is better

There is an ongoing debate these days as to which ad network is better : Google Adsense or Adbrite.Although most people prefer to use adsense and seem to be making decent earnings,adbrite is also an option that can be as rewarding,if not more.Many people even claim that their adbrite earnings are significantly higher than google adsense.Let’s check out a few pros and cons of both the adnetworks and then the verdict shall be declared.

Adsense :-

Pros :-

1. Highly content relevant ads are displayed on your website which translates to more number of clicks and subsequently higher revenue for the publisher.
2. High eCPM & CPM rates.Most people get an eCPM of $1 on proper keyword optimization which can amount to substantial earnings.
3. A good user interface which is user friendly.
4. Easy to earn good income even with low traffic websites.
5. Google Adsense is a trusted ad network due to the google brand name attached to it.

Cons :-

1. It is difficult for newbies to get accepted into it since they look for professional websites with quality content.
2. Strict terms and conditions which make it difficult for publishers.
3. They have banned a lot of publishers in the recent past when they were about to reach their payout.Reasons given were misleading & even innocent publishers got thrown out.
4. A poor support staff that bans publishers and does not provide quick & satisfactory replies.
5. A high minimum payout ($100) .
Adbrite :-

Pros :-

1. Getting accepted into their program is easy since they allow even small publishers/blog owners with a little content to join.
2. If you are getting a decent amount of traffic,you can sell your website space to advertisers and earn more revenue by doing so.
3. Customizable ad formats and more options such as inline ads,CPM banners,full page ads(interstitials)etc.
4. Adbrite allows publishers to manually approve ads.You can choose high paying ads and filter out the low paying ones.
5. Their terms and conditions are not so strict & they generally dont ban publishers.
6. A minimum payout of only $5
7. A trusted ad network with consistent payment history.

Cons :-

1. The ads displayed may not be related to the content.
2. Blogs with a low number of visitors may not be able to earn much money.
3. Adult ads can appear which can drive away traffic from your website/blog.
4. Low eCPM,CTR & CPM(cost per thousand impressions).
5. Lower number of advertisers as compared to adsense.

As you can see,the cons of both ad networks are nearly equal but adbrite has a few more pros than adsense.However,this is compensated by the high CPC given by Adsense.So,it’s up to you to decide which ad network works for you.


  1. Very enlightening and beneficial to someone whose been out of the circuit for a long time.


  2. @biz : Yes, you can do so but they should look different.

  3. Hi,
    I win a few dollars using adsense but I´m a begginer photographer.
    I have an account on and put here some photos with my adsense code,
    and share the photo links on my blog.
    What is your method to earn with adsense?

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  5. Hm.. making money at home has always on the occasion been really hard; most of the time I purchase some programs and work from those. although they are extremely expensive! Trying to make money without any sort of job experience is even harder. Some ebooks are so bad, despite that this post actually Taught me so much. Thank you! :)

  6. adsense. Google adsense. If you ask 10 people, at least 9 person will choose adsense.


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