An Off Day & Internet on Vodafone – All One Needs for an Exciting Time

What would you do if you had a day off from college? Scratching your head for answers? Well, I, for one, wouldn’t need to think about the answer at all, for I have unlimited power in my hands. Yes, quite literally. When one has a Vodafone internet connection on his mobile, he really does hold the key to a treasure laden world and fun is almost guaranteed.

Citing one recent experience about the same, almost a year back, I was supposed to go to college but the tumultuous weather forced me to change my plan & stay indoors instead. Rather than cribbing about my would-be missed classes, I was cherishing this opportunity that provided me with some quality time to spend as freely as I wanted to. As is the case with almost any college going guy, browsing the internet seemed to be the best option, so I quickly logged on to my PC & decided to have a crack at some of the most popular games on Facebook (as you can well imagine, they were none other than Farm Ville & Texas Hold’Em :P).

But alas, all my excitement vanished away as the home electricity was switched off by the power department, courtesy the frequent & dreadful lightning that threatened to cause major havoc in the area. It was then I realized the power of internet connectivity on mobiles. Though I wasn’t too sure whether the Vodafone internet would work in such a weather, I decided to give it a try nonetheless. And to my surprise & amazement, it worked! Yes, I was able to access my favorite social networking website (no prize for guessing, Facebook it was!) and connect with all my friends who had bunked the college & stayed at home!

After chatting with them for over an hour, it was time to head over to play the games mentioned above. Farmville got me hooked as always & it was only after a couple of hours that I managed to satisfy the gaming freak inside me. It was now time to explore something new & watching videos on Youtube seemed to be a good enough option. Well, I can just say that I had a helluva time there watching loads of videos, right from latest movie trailers to some of the classic rock n roll stuff.

A quick glance to the wall clock just proved how much fun Internet on Vodafone can be. I had spent well over 5 hours since the time I logged on to the internet and I wasn’t even finished yet!

This entry is a part of Internet is Fun on Vodafone contest on Indiblogger. Thanks to Vodafone & Indiblogger for providing me the opportunity to jot down this experience.

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