5 Best Affiliate Programs for Indians

710599_money_under_the_mouse_18.jpgI often searched for the best affiliate programs for indians on Google due to the huge potential of affiliate marketing but never got an answer that satisfied me. So I decided to try out the most popular affiliate programs myself and then see which of them turn out to be the most profitable ones. So based on my own testing and results, here are some of the best affiliate programs for Indians according to me.

1. Hostgator : If your niche is blogging, this could make a lot of money for you. Since a lot of Indians want to become bloggers so its the right time to promote web hosting programs and get huge commissions on the people you refer. Hostgator pays you $50 for each referral sale and you can even get $125 per sale if you make more than 21 sales in a month.

2. DreamHost : Dreamhost is among the most trusted web hosting companies on the internet and pays you a huge $97 commission for each referral sale. Many bloggers are earning a very good income from DreamHost affiliate program and they have different kinds of banners which you can put up on your blog to refer some sales. Also with their great conversion rate, DreamHost affiliate program can provide you with hefty commissions month after month. And you don’t even have to sign up for their hosting. Just refer people and earn $97 and then $5 for evey sub-referral they refer !!

3. Shaadi.com : Shaadi.com is the number one matrimonial website in India and has been around for several years. It pays you upto Rs. 25 per free signup and upto Rs. 2000 for paid membership. It can earn you thousands of rupees if most of your blog visitors are from India and preferably young. (Since they are more likely to marry :P)

4. Commission Junction : CJ is almost an affiliate store, with thousands of products, out of which you can choose the ones you wish to promote. Many Indians bloggers have successfully managed to earn a good amount of money from CJ promoting products related to their blog’s niche.

5. DGM-India : It is a very popular affiliate program among Indian bloggers and probably a trusted one as well. DGM pays you commission on each lead you make and there are various types of campaigns you can opt for.

I have specifically not listed some of the other affiliate programs like Affiliate Curry, ClixGaloreIndia, Tyroo etc. because the ones listed above are proven earners, so you could trust them blindly and focus all your attention and efforts on them.

Please note that these links are affiliate links and I will earn a commission if you purchase through these links.


  1. hostgator affiliate program? Yahh, i know about it. I also promoting hostgator and hope i can earn some comission.

  2. A very very helpful article Harshit. The only best thing you could have done with this article is by hyper linking the affiliate names.
    I’ve been earning with Hostgator. Few days back I earned a commission from them, they’re awesome.

    • Thanx Kunal. I noticed that other bloggers who wrote about best affiliate programs just gave out the conventional names although they regularly earn money from the above mentioned affiliate programs. I guess no one wants to give out the names of their best performing affiliate programs :)

  3. thanx harshit that was indeed information i was looking for, do not forget to list latest affiliate program mes in future.

  4. Thanks for such wonderful information.

    DGMPRO is a fake affiliate program. There are a lot of campaigns, but when you accumulate the minimum threshold (Rs. 2000), you will have to personally remind them again and again for your payment. And the best thing is you will be paid not more than 600 to 700.

    This is how DGM Works.


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    5 Best Affiliate Programs for Indians

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