Best Mobile Phones Under Rs. 2000 in India

Gone are the days when mobiles used to cost a lot. Now even smartphones are available at affordable prices and if someone is looking for an even cheaper phone for everyday purpose, there are many phones which can be bought under Rs. 2000. Let’s take a look at some of the best mobiles in this category which offer great value for money.

1. Micromax X222

Micromax X222

Micromax X222 is a good looking mobile which looks like a costly one going by its gorgeous design but actually it costs just around Rs. 2000. It is a Dual SIM phone with a 2.4 inch touchscreen and other features like Bluetooth and Music Player. A 0.3 megapixel camera is also provided in it and it can record decent videos as well. Definitely worth the money.

2. Nokia C1-01

Nokia C1-01

If you are looking for a more trusted brand, then you can always go for the tried and trusted Nokia. Costing around Rs. 1950 is the Nokia C1-01 which is a simple and decent looking mobile with supports expandable storage capacity of up to 32GB, allowing you to store as much files on your mobile as you want. The other features are 0.3 MP camera, alphanumeric keypad, Music Player, Video recording and FM Radio with recording. It is one of the best selling phones in this segment.

3. Micromax X291

Micromax X291

Micromax X291 comes with a very elegant design and the size looks perfect as well. The best part about this phone is that unlike the other two phones discussed above, this one comes with a 1.3 megapixel camera which can take good enough pictures. Also it is a Dual SIM mobile that comes with a large 2.6-inch screen and expandable storage capacity of 8GB. If you were to take my advice, I would definitely ask you to go for this one. Price – Rs. 1850.

4. Samsung Hero Music E1232B

samsung hero music e1232b

Again this mobile is one of the highest sold by Flipkart in the below Rs. 2000 range, probably because people trust Samsung as a brand. The USP of this mobile is that apart from being DUAL SIM, it is specifically designed for music lovers. The Samsung Hero Music has a music player with a dedicated Music Hot Key to launch the music player with the touch of a button. You can also listen to different channels on Radio and make use of the torch provided in this phone in dark surroundings. Overall a nice mobile that cost just around Rs. 1700 or so. The only drawback is that it doesn’t have a camera.

5. Spice M-6464

Spice M-6464

Spice M-6464 is a basic looking mobile but don’t let its simple design deceive you. The phone is rich in features and apart from offering Dual SIM connectivity, it also comes with a nice 2 megapixel camera with multi-shot and night vision along with digital zoom. The other features include an alphanumeric keypad, expandable memory of up to 8GB and Bluetooth and USB connectivity. Spice M-6464 is priced at around Rs. 1750 or so.

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