Best PS3 Move Games 2013 – Top 5 List

With Playstation 3 Move gaining immense popularity, especially with kids, we thought it’s a good time to check out the best PS3 Move games of 2011 that you can enjoy playing alone or with your whole family. As most people are quite confused about which games they should buy and which were the ones that hit the top of the charts last year, we have compiled a list that includes some of the top bestsellers of 2011. So here goes the list:

1. Dead Space 2

A sci-fi horror game that promises some thrilling action that makes users deal with aliens that have invaded the land. Fun and absorbing, it is one of the highest selling PS Move game in 2011.

2. De Blob 2

An action adventure game that requires users to return color to a world where all the color has been stolen, by absorbing colors and then paint everything that needs painting.

3. LittleBigPlanet 2

A highly innovative puzzle game that has over 50 levels of engrossing gameplay and allows users to build new levels and expand the environment, collecting various tools and objects along the way.

4. Killzone 3

A game involving intense action along with brilliant visuals and engaging gameplay. It is a first person shootout game that makes you feel as if you are on the battlefield as you play the game. Highly recommended for action lovers.

5. Sports Champions

A collection of 6 sports titles that you can enjoy with motion gaming. The games include Archery, Disc Golf, Bocce, Table Tennis, Volleyball and Gladiator.

Do you enjoy playing any other games on your PS3 Move that you think deserves a mention here? Do share it with us.


  1. Personally, I like action movies as well as action games. For an action loving guy like me ‘Killzone 3’ is a good match. It has stunning graphics along with a good story line. Love it!

  2. I would like to play addictive games like Hit it Rich facebook games, rather wasting my time on these types of game except on holidays. However, nice article and I really appreciate your thoughts.

  3. I enjoy to Playing Dead Space 2 and FIFA

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