Best RSS Readers for Firefox

Mozilla Firefox is one of the most widely used browsers in the world, with millions of users using it for browsing the net. Though there’s no doubt that Firefox is much faster and more reliable than other browsers and supports thousands of useful add-ons, it still doesn’t come with an built-in RSS feed reader, which is the reason why external RSS reader extensions have to be installed in order to read feeds on Firefox.

In this article we’ll take a look at some of the best RSS readers for Firefox that function without the need of any online service. Though there are full-fledged feed readers as well as a few toolbar scrollers available, we’ll only cover the former as there’s no need for the latter once you install a proper RSS reader. We have provided a screenshot along with an overview of each of the readers so you can decide which one to install as per your preference.


The oldest and all time favorite RSS reader extension for Firefox, Sage is a handy & lightweight RSS cum Atom feed aggregator. What I like most about it is its tidy user interface and the simple way of presenting feeds. There are also a variety of other options you can change to customize it according to your needs. Users don’t need to worry about disproportionate images in the feeds since the images are automatically scaled to fit the width of the content area. There is also a search bar that lets you search your feeds if need be. You can even organize the feeds into folders for better feed management.


Another highly popular RSS reader that delivers your feeds in news like format. It also allows you to group your feeds as per your choice and update feeds manually whenever you want. The aggregated feed content is made available for viewing offline so you won’t have to connect to the internet each time you want to read your feeds. Apart from this, another impressive features is the one-click subscription to any feed using the icon on the Firefox URL bar. While you are updating your feeds, you can continue to read other feeds and won’t be interrupted because of the update in progress. The only thing missing in NewsFox is the synchronization feature which means you cannot read your feeds from any other computer.


A relatively new RSS reader extension though it is being liked by all those who are using it. It doesn’t come with any fancy features; rather it’s just a simple yet sophisticated news reader that can be used to read RSS as well as Atom feeds from your favorite sites. However you might not be too glad to use it if you want a reader that can be configured the way you want. This handy reader also offers a feature to automatically pull in feeds from your Live Bookmarks making it easy for Live Bookmark users to import their feeds into the reader.

Do you know of any other feed readers for Firefox that can make their way into this list? In case you do, then let us know using the comment form below.


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