5 lessons I learnt from my previous blogs

It was in 2007 that I started blogging after reading a few articles on how to start a blog.They were mostly blogspot blogs (most of which failed and dont exist today). They helped me understand what blogging was all about.

Blogging served as a platform to express my opinions and thoughts to the entire world and make some money at the same time. The journey was full of obstacles and challenges and I must admit that I recieved a few initial setbacks too(that literally means most of my blogs failed). Without those failures,I would never had learnt the important lessons that paved the way for success later on. I would like to share some of them with you today.

Over monetizing

Trying to make a fortune from a new blog has been one of the biggest mistakes that I’ve ever made.When I made a personal blog on birding back in 2008,I did not pay much attention to readers needs.It brought me to a point where there the traffic levels were dropping continously with every passing day.Although the content was great and the pictures were original,the readers were not able to connect to it,simply because there were too many ads.I had probably placed around 5-6 ad units on a single page.As a result even loyal readers were getting pissed and eventually did not come back to visit the blog again.

Never blog on a free platform

Both my blogs were based on a free platform,precisely,Blogspot.I kept on writing passionately,adding high quality pictures and content but the results were just not good enough.The reason for that,which I have realized now,is that the domain was something like “name.blogspot.com” which gives an impression that the blogger is not serious enough.While blogging on Blogspot or any other free platform could work well for personal blogs,if you are serious about blogging,it is always better to have your own domain name which boldly proclaims your “serious” presence in the blogosphere.Also it would make it easier for people to remember the address of your blog,which is unlikely with free blogging platforms.

An initial blast is  always needed

Making a blog with high quality content will probably do you no good unless it is backed up by a lot of promotion,both offline and online.What I didn’t realize earlier was that without proper promotion,the content goes overlooked.If people do not know or have never heard about your blog,they won’t know what’s inside it.In order to entice readers to visit your blog over and over again,a series of promotion initially is all what is required.Devoting a few hours everyday to promoting your blog can go a long way in building readership.

Be active in the blogosphere

Perhaps the second biggest mistake on my part was not to interact with other bloggers in the community.Interacting with bloggers,leaving comments on blogs,participating in forums and online discussions help people discover your writing style and more importantly get to know about your blog.A popular way of getting readers to a blog is linkbaiting,which essentially means leaving comments on other blogs that drive visitors to your own blog.Almost all top bloggers have written about the importance of community participation.

Never Give Up

Although most of my previous blogs failed,quitting was something I never had in my mind.I read blogs such as Problogger to learn about the secrets of writing blog posts and literally devoured each and every article on the internet.I could have so easily given up at the time but I had the self belief in me.I knew if I could put all my failures aside and focus on a completely new blog,success would not be far away.It was then I started a blog on birding which was liked by many and gave me the confidence to start with a new blog project with my own domain name.


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