Browser Unable to Open a Particular Website Troubleshoot

There are times when your browser is unable to open a particular website inspite of your internet connection working perfectly well and being able to open all other websites. Instead of getting frustated and beating your head over it, make use of the following tips to troubleshoot your internet connection. Remember any one of these might do the trick, so only proceed to the next tip if the previous one doesn’t solve the problem.

1. Clear your browser’s cache and remove all cookies by accessing the browser settings.

2. Delete all temporary internet files from your temp folder.

3. Switch off your modem and restart it again. Now try loading the website.

4. Try disabling your internet firewall & Anti-virus software for a while and then try accessing the website. If it opens now, add it to the list of trusted sites so that you wont have any problem accessing it again.

5. Change your DNS server to OpenDNS since a slow DNS server might be causing the problem.

6. If any of the above steps do not resolve the problem, restore the factory settings of your modem by inserting a pin on the small hole in the back side of your modem for 5-10 seconds which will reset the settings to the default ones.

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