Bwin Online Poker App for IOS and Android

Bwin is famous for being at the forefront of the poker industry and for being an  innovator in technology. They were the first to offer a downloadable online poker client for the Mac. Now, they outdid the competition again by being the first company to offer online poker games for Android and IOS powered devices.

The Bwin poker app is only 2.3MB and is easily installed your iPhone or Android device. Once launched, the poker app will take you to the lobby similar to what you will see if you played on a desktop computer. The graphics are quite simple compared to other IOS/Android apps and users have simple buttons for folding, checking, or betting.

Users have the option to play for fun or for real money games. The IOS version only has the real money games option though. Once a table is selected, the user is automatically seated and they can begin to play.

Among the other features of the Bwin poker app are:

  • Ability to play real money poker games online
  • Stakes that range from .05-.10 to 3USD – 6USD
  • Automatic hand selector that displays your best hand
  • 3 different poker games types (Limit, Pot-Limit, and No-Limit Texas Hold’em)
  • 1 click reseating allowing you to rejoin your previous game
  • Mobile network and Wi-Fi compatible
  • Hand history feature to display previous hands

You must register for an account on Bwin’s website though in order to use the poker app and to make a deposit. In addition, Bwin accepts all customers except from customers from the United States. You can download Bwin’s online poker app here.