4 Tips for the 21st Century Business


Is your business behind the times? The good news is that you don’t have to stay there. With the right policy changes and technological upgrades, you can turn your old-fashioned business into a cutting-edge one. Here are just a few ways to make it happen. 1. Transition to Paperless Technology If you’re still using whiteboards […]

Grow Your Business In 2017 By Implementing The Following Tips

grow bsiness

An internally motivated business owner can accomplish great things in the corporate world. This includes attaining mind-blowing levels of growth. While the growth process is somewhat unpredictable, there are several techniques the sophisticated, strategic business owner can deploy to make expansion more likely. Here are some of them: 1. Find The Right Catalyst Handling Company. […]

Making Your Own Pallet Furniture

Making pallet furniture is becoming something that is more and more popular. There are several reasons why this is becoming a trend. First, pallet furniture is just attractive and looks very interesting. Second, a lot of individuals like the idea of making pallet furniture because it recycles items that would otherwise be thrown away. Third, […]

A Day Like No Other

It was 3:40 pm in the afternoon as I raced towards clock tower on my scooter to get a few household things for my sister who was leaving for Delhi that very day in the evening. The phone bell started ringing and as I picked up the phone the voice of my cousin brother sounded […]

A Walk Down the Memory Lane

The year 2009 was one to which I had always been looking up to, for in June that year I would be awarded the degree of B.Tech in Electrical engineering. I would be able to prefix the abbreviation Er. with my name and would walk tall amongst my family members and other friends & relatives. […]

How To Choose The Right Web Hosting Package


Whether you sell homemade scarves or are building a small business empire, one of the first projects you need to complete is a professional website. In today’s economy, a business without a website hasn’t arrived yet. With so many online web hosting packages, the process may feel overwhelming. However, there are key aspects that need […]

Top 3 Blogging Myths Unravelled

A huge amount of aspiring bloggers are emerging every day to give wings to their online dream by reading the much hyped and over the top income reports of A list bloggers. In order to make them come to terms with the stark reality, here are the top 3 blogging myths and the actual facts […]

5 Best Affiliate Programs for Indians

I often searched for the best affiliate programs for indians on Google due to the huge potential of affiliate marketing but never got an answer that satisfied me. So I decided to try out the most popular affiliate programs myself and then see which of them turn out to be the most profitable ones. So […]

How to Get Targeted Traffic to Your Blog from LinkedIn

Every blogger who has spent a relatively good amount of time blogging would agree to the fact that traffic is the root to the success of every blog on the internet. Without traffic, there is not much you could achieve with your blog, no matter how good the content you’ve created is. This reinstates the […]

Increase Your Blog's Revenue by Redirecting Google Images Traffic

Whether or not you are aware of it, about 50%-60% of the total traffic on your blog is mostly comprised of the useless google images traffic, which means people just search about a thing on google image to steal your images and use them on their blog. This type of traffic is usually the least […]