Top 7 reasons why 90% blogs fail

Blogging is an investment that needs time to grow.It requires passion,dedication,hard work and most importantly,lots of patience.The more patience you have,the better it is for you since gaining credibilty and ensuring a heavy traffic every month takes time.Now that you’ve got a basic idea about blogging,let’s take a look at the top 7 reasons why […]

Adsense Vs Adbrite – Which is better

There is an ongoing debate these days as to which ad network is better : Google Adsense or Adbrite.Although most people prefer to use adsense and seem to be making decent earnings,adbrite is also an option that can be as rewarding,if not more.Many people even claim that their adbrite earnings are significantly higher than google […]

How to Make a Blog

Congrats on the decision to make your own blog.Who knows you could be a “Steve Pavlina” or an “Amit Bhawani” some day just by blogging and be a renowed six figure blogger.While making a blog and promoting it could be an uphill task for some,it is rather better to concentrate on the start first and […]