Nokia E7 Latest Price in India 2012

Nokia E7 Price in India. Nokia E7 is often touted as the top business phone in India owing to its spectacular & sophisticated design along with the plethora of business oriented features it comes loaded with. Apart from some highly impressive specs, the USP of the phone is its large 4 inch AMOLED touchscreen and […]

Samsung Galaxy S2 Latest Price in India

Samsung Galaxy S2 Price in India. Samsung Galaxy S2, soon after its launch, has established itself among the most popular smartphones in India. Although when it was first launched it was available at a rather hefty price, now the price has been slightly slashed as often is the case with most mobiles. The latest price […]

Top 5 Android Mobile Phones Below 10000 in India

Last month we’ve covered nearly all types of Mobiles in the list posts, right from the Best Smartphones to the Best Android Phones in India. This post is one more addition to that series, more specifically to the Android mobiles series. With the Android market growing at an astonishing rate, there is a lot of […]

Best 5 Touchscreen Mobile Phones Below 5000

For those of you looking for affordable touchscreen mobiles under 5k, here’s a list of the top (best) 5 touchscreen mobile phones below Rs. 5000 in India : 1. Karbonn K1212 This one steals the show due to the sheer amount of features it offers at an affordable price. Sports a 3.2 inch touch screen […]

5 Best 3G Mobile Phones in India

We’ve recently covered the best Android phones in India and now it’s time to discuss the 5 best 3G enabled Mobile Phones in India.   1. HTC Flyer   Although it is definitely the best 3G phone in India, it costs a whopping Rs. 38000 odd. Sporting a huge 7 inch touchscreen, this tablet-cum-mobile features […]

5 Best Android Mobile Phones in India

I’ve recently been covering all types of mobiles in the Indian market currently, right from the Best Smartphones to the 5 cheapest Android mobiles in India. Though in these posts, I have always focussed on mobiles that give the most value for money, this one covers the 5 best android mobiles regardless of their price. […]

5 Best Smartphones in India

The mobile market in India is expanding at a monstrous rate and so are the types & varieties of mobile phones. While a decade ago basic phones used to be a hit among consumers, the tastes have obviously evolved and the expectations of consumers have drastically raised. Smartphones are rapidly gaining popularity and so we […]

Best 5 Mobile Phones Below Rs. 5000 in India

Buying a high-end mobile phone is almost useless nowadays since lots of mobiles with respectable features are now available for affordable prices in India. Why should you shell out huge bucks when you can get a mobile that offers a complete mutimedia experience at a much cheaper price. There are even 3G enabled mobiles available […]

Best 5 Cheapest Smartphones in India

If you thought smartphones would cost you a fortune, well, you were quite wrong. Nowadays there are many affordable smartphones in the market, boasting quite a lot of quality features as well. Nearly all major mobile manufacturers have launched one model or the other in the low-range segment (though Samsung seems to be the leader […]

5 Cheapest Android Mobile Phones in India

Android Mobile Phones are the latest rage among Indian consumers. The demand for Android mobiles has been growing at a stunning rate ever since they have been noticed by customers. Though most of the Android mobiles cost above Rs. 10k, with most of them being in the Rs. 10k-20k range, there are a few of […]