How Web Development Is Leading The Internet

The Internet has come a long way from its early days and has gained a lot of traction in the process. In doing so, not only has it made life easier for everyone, thanks to the plethora of information available on the internet, but also allowed development of amazing applications, softwares and websites that do […]

The Evolution of the Smartphone Industry

When something becomes an essential item for people there is always going to be competition that arises. This is no different for the smartphone industry, and over the last five years we have seen a huge boom in both the number of phones sold around the world and new companies entering the market. Namely companies […]

How Secure is Mobile Internet

There are now more mobile phones than computers in the world, and as mobiles get ever-more sophisticated the boundaries between the phone and the computer start to blur.  This has inevitably seen an exponential increase in the amount of people using mobiles to surf the net. This is great in terms of practicality and ease […]

[GIVE AWAY] 1AVShare Ultimate Secure File Sharing Software Worth $49.99 for Free

We have an exciting give away here on our blog, with free copies of 1AVShare available for our readers. The software, which is the ultimate secure sharing software according to me is being given away generously with free full version keys by our friends from PCWinSoft. 1AVShare is a subset of a much talked about […]

A Comprehensive Insight into Usenet

With a plethora of material available on the internet, we are often tempted to search for the latest things to download. However most of the times we generally end up using unsecured networks to download content, which can lead to damage in our systems, especially if any malicious files get transferred in the process. This […]