Businesses That Benefit From Fire Training Programs


Training programs that help employees implement proper procedures during a fire should always be considered, as tactical fire drills and routines keep everyone in a building and surrounding areas safe. Although all businesses need practical fire training exercises, there are several very important reasons why two particular kinds of businesses would greatly benefit from designing […]

Two Ways To Improve Your Business In 2015

If you run a business and are serious about optimizing your bottom line in 2015, you should know that there are numerous ways to make it happen. Here are two: 1. Invest In A Great Blender.One of the most important things that a business owner can do to improve his or her bottom line is invest […]

In Search of the Incredible Superpower

Over the last few years, we have witnessed a barrage of technologically advanced gadgets making their way into our daily lives. While all this has been possible due to the unquenched desire of mankind for pushing their limits and making breakthrough innovations that transcend the ordinary, it has impacted the lives of humans in a […]

What is Geophysical Resistivity


Geophysical resistivity is new to many individuals. It is the science of examining the earth using resistivity tolerances to determine groundwater, polarization, earth resources, dam and cave exploration, as well as doing archeological surveys. Agiusa, Advanced Geosciences, Inc. sells specialty products such as the following: PowerSting SuperSting with Wi-Fi SuperSting Remote MiniSting Swift EarthImager 1D […]

Mobile Gaming – An Easy And Convenient Mode of Entertainment

The world of mobile gaming is ever changing, with rapid technology enhancements, both in the hardware and software capabilities that enable designers to stretch the limits of their minds and come up with concepts that truly make for a wonderful experience when it comes to making the most of your time. Especially in the recent years, the […]

Tips for Curbing Inappropriate Child Cell Phone Use

Kids and cell phones have become a common combination in today’s world. In fact, the Pew Research Center reports that around 75 percent of kids between the ages of 12-17 have their own cell phone today. What’s more, around 88 percent of them use it to text regularly, sending an average of around 3,000 text […]

The appeal of gaming apps

Gaming apps have had a spike in popularity over the last five years, that has a lot to do with their being more readily available on our phones. Ten years ago, we only played the apps that were already installed on our phones (who remembers snake?), and we wouldn’t look for more. Nowadays, games developers […]

Best (Top) 5 Digital Cameras Under Rs. 10,000 in India

With so many different models of digicams being launched these days, choosing one has become all the more difficult. But what’s good is that you can get hold of a pretty good digital camera for under Rs. 10k, with a number of features to go with a high resolution and zoom. Here are the 5 Best (Top) […]

Indian Maritime University

Indian Maritime University Indian Maritime University (IMU) is one of the best universities in India that provide Nautical Sciences degree to aspiring candidates. The university is well known for its high class education standards along with equally good infrastructure and other facilities. The admission to IMU is based on a entrance exam that is conducted […]

Graphic Era University

Graphic Era University Graphic Era University (GEU), formerly known as Graphic Era Institute of Technology (GEIT) is a premier institution in the field of engineering sciences & management studies in Dehradun, Uttarakhand, which provides quality education along with state-of-the-art infrastructure to deliver world class engineers & managers. Professional courses, both at the under-graduate and post-graduate […]