How to Remove Category Slug from WordPress Blog URL

By Default WordPress shows the category slug in the blog’s category url. If you want to change this & remove the category altogether from the permalink, this tutorial will help you do it easily. Removing the category slug from your wordpress blog’s url can “supposedly” help you with serp rankings (SEO). Although whether or not […]

How to schedule a WordPress Post

Scheduling a post is a highly useful feature provided by the WordPress team in the admin area itself.It allows you to schedule a post for a later date without the need to manually publish the post everyday.If you are going for a vacation or are in the mood of writing several articles today in order […]

How to make separate RSS feeds for each category in your wordpress blog

As you can see,I blog on multiple topics on a single blog which makes it difficult for me to increase the RSS subscribers count as people who are interested in a particular topic may not be interested in the other topics on my blog.People who subscribed to my feed often backed out in a few […]

WordPress 3.0 released

A short while ago WordPress 3.0 “Thelonius”,the thirteenth major release of WordPress and the efforts of 218 contributors over a periiod of six months,has become available for download or upgrade within the dashboard.A new theme called Twenty Ten which the wordpress team label as ‘sexy’ has been included in this release.If you are about to […]