How to Copy Nokia Phone Contacts to iPhone

So you owned a Nokia phone uptil now and recently got yourself a new iPhone but don’t want to start adding contacts all over again? Fortunately there are a few methods with which you can transfer contacts from a Nokia Phone to your iPhone, thereby saving you all the trouble of manually having to add contacts to it. Let’s discuss the most popular and the simplest method to do this:


Transferring Your Contacts Without Using The Computer:

This is by far the simplest method and doesn’t have any complexities involved. Although you can also transfer your contacts using Outlook, Nokia PC Suite and iTunes, it involves a few more steps than this one.


Firstly, you need to transfer all your phone contacts to your SIM card. In order to do this, insert your SIM into your Nokia Phone and then follow the path below:


Menu > Contacts > Options > Copy > All Contacts > Keep Original


Doing this makes all your Nokia Phone contacts to get copied into the SIM card as well. Once this step is complete, insert the SIM card back into your Apple iPhone. Now follow the path below:


Home > Settings > Mail,Contacts,Calendar > Import SIM Contacts

This will simply copy all your contacts into your iPhone as well. It’s done, baby!



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