Create HTML Signatures in Gmail [How To]

Did you know you can create professional looking and beautifully designed signatures right inside your Gmail account! No need of any external software, browser add-on, patch, script or download. Making these signatures is pretty easy but you just gotta follow some simple steps, which have been given below in this tutorial.


Step 1:


Go to Gmail Settings and then click on the Labs tab. Now enable Canned Responses option along with Inserting Images option too.


Step 2:


Now compose a new message in Gmail and customize your message with your preferred signature. You can try different ways to make it look even better by uploading any number of image or icons from your computer or use any other image from the web. If you want to permanently embed the image into your email signature, then you need to upload the image directly from your computer.


Step 3:


When you are finished and are happy with your layout, you need to go to the Canned Response menu and save it using any name you like.

How to Select A Signature While Composing an Email:

Whenever in future you need to compose an email and want to attach your customized signature, then you can select one from the Canned Responses drop-down menu and that particular signature will get inserted in your email.


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