Delete Flash Cookies – How to Remove Flash Cookies

It’s important to delete and remove flash cookies from your computer as soon as possible in order to prevent any tracking of your computing activities by various web sites and unscrupulous elements. It’s always a wise thing to keep your browser free from any cookies to ensure maximum safety while browsing the internet.

If you are not aware of flash cookies, they are basically LSOs (cookie type files) that are used by Adobe Flash Player to save your preferences and setting whenever you watch a flash movie or video on a website. In order to delete them, follow the tutorial below:


How to Delete Flash Cookies:


If you are using Internet Explore or Google Chrome or any other browser, you can make use of Flash settings manager from Macromedia . It lists various privacy settings, including the option to disable Flash cookies on your computer permanently.

However if you are using Mozilla Firefox, which is another popular browser, you can use the BetterPrivacy add-on to automatically delete all your flash cookies every time you close your browser. There’s also an option of setting a time interval after which the cookies will be deleted automatically. You can also manually delete the cookies using the add-ons interface.


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