Download the Official London Olympics 2012 App for Android

If you are a sports fan and would not like to miss out on the latest updates of the Olympics 2012, which are currently underway in London, then you should immediately download the official London Olympics app for Android.

I myself downloaded this app a couple of days back and have been able to follow the latest happenings in the London olympic games. The app, named London 2012 Results app is available for free download from the Google Play store, and it’s size is around 4.8mb which shouldn’t be a problem at all.

Official London 2012 Results App

When you start the application, you can select a variety of options, including Live coverage, schedules & results, sports, medals tally and also a comprehensive athletes list. The full schedule for each day is also available, and is categorized into different sports so that you can easily select the results of your favorite sports without having to waste time unnecessarily in looking at all the results.

Although the app works best on wi-fi and 3G connections, it initially takes some time to load on slow 2G connections but works fine later on. Also the problem of the app crashing that many users had reported has also been solved, so there’s no issue at all with the app.

All in all it’s quite a handy & useful app that can help you keep track of all sporting events in the London olympic games. It has certainly made life easy for me as far as the coverage of olympic events are concerned, so you should give it a try as well.

Download the App from Google Play

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