Download Skype Standalone Offline Installer

Skype is currently the best software that allows users to make free video calls and voice calls over the Internet apart from the standard chatting feature. Although it was not too popular in the past, when Yahoo Messenger dominated the era, Skype is now one of the most widely used chat applications.


However the annoying thing about Skype is that installing it is quite a nuisance. Probably not for broadband users but definitely for users who are on a slow internet connection. The problem is that we have to download the 2 MB odd Skype installer and when we run it, then it connects to the user and then it installs the full software in your computer.


Fortunately users will slow net-speeds can download the offline standalone installer which lets you install Skype without the need to connect to the internet. You can download the full Skype offline installer from here:


Download Skype offline installer


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