Downloat Boat Browser for Android

Adding to the already competitive market for Android browsers is another browser with a funky name, called Boat Browser. The developer of this browser claims that it is “as fast as xScope and as pretty as Safari on iPhone”!

While the huge claim is true or not can only be known by actually using it for some time, it is for sure one of the lightest and fastest browsers in the Android browsers segment. It supports HTML5 and can be a great alternative to some other popular browsers such as Dolphin, Opera, Skyfire etc.


While the USP of this browser definitely seems to be its simple user interface, there are a whole lot of other features that it is loaded with. Here are some of them:


Light, clean and simple UI

Fast loading

Multi-touch Pinch Zoom

Full Screen Option

Multi-tab in gallery

Support for HTML5

Option to share web page to Facebook, Twitter


Download Boat Browser Now [Free]


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