Dreamhost August 2011 $57 Maximum Discount Coupon Code: HSL57

Every month I share the discount coupons for Hostgator and DreamHost, which are currently the best webhosting providers in the world. Talking about DreamHost, it is one of the best webhosting providers that offers a lot of features along with its hosting package.


DreamHost Features :


Unlimited space + 50 GB backup space

Unlimited monthly transfer

Unlimited Bandwidth

Unlimited Storage

5 MySQL Databases with Linux operating system

POP / SMTP Access

Unlimited Domains and Sub domains hosting

Custom DNS names

1 Free Domain

$75 Adwords Credit


Dreamhost $57 Maximum Discount Coupon: HSL57


The number one reason for any new blogger to choose dreamhost as their hosting provider is that by making use of the discount coupon HSL57 , you can get $57 off. While the normal 1 year hosting package costs $119, by using this code you get a discount of $57 on the total amount, thus you need to pay only the remainder, that is $62 for one year hosting along with one free domain name.


Sign Up for Dreamhost ( Coupon Code : HSL57 )


No other hosting provider can give you such cheap hosting deal. You can check out Hostgator too if you want. Remember this $57 coupon code works gives $57 discount only for some countries. Indian and other subcontinent countries can only get a maximum of $50 discount. The coupon code for it is HSL50


Sign Up for Dreamhost $50 Discount ( Coupon Code : HSL50 )


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