EA Sim City Deluxe for Iphone

Sim city deluxeElectronic Arts, the leader in pc games segment has extended its wings and released Sim City Deluxe, the latest edition in the classic city-building series, for Apple Iphone. The price of the app is $6.99 and it’s available at the Apple App Store. It comes with a host of extra features such as the addition of four distinct seasons, as well as seasonal disasters that would surely spice up your gameplay experience. This new version has vast improvements over the original game. Improved scrolling feature, zooming in and out & the ability to modify the terrain add more life to the already popular best-selling Sims series.

Sim city iphone

Sim City Deluxe comes with seven scenarios to choose from and seven pre-built cities. A wide range of disasters ranging from Alien invasions to earthquakes await your arrival in the game. A 360 degree viewing camera and seasonal effects like snow to flow in front of the camera are sure to blow up your mind.

Sim city deluxe iphone

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