Examining the Way Technology Affects Business

The way that business was done just a few decades ago compared to how business is done today is drastically different. Just think how slow everything went. Email did not exist, and there were no mobile phones, smartphones, or videoconferencing. Most communication needed to be done by mail, and this could take days if not weeks. Now communication is instantaneous. Businesses in different parts of the globe can communicate with each other face-to-face. There are even technologies that allow individuals who speak different languages to have what they say instantly translated into the target language. Unquestionably, technology has revolutionized the way that business works.

There is no one sector of business that is more affected by technology improvement than another. Pharmaceutical companies, automotive companies, as well as acrylic polymer manufacturers all benefit from technology in the business world.

Just take a moment to focus on communication. Regardless of the field that a person works in, having a cell phone is essential not only for business owners, but also for their employees. Cell phones allow people to stay in touch with each other, respond to customers questions, and all of this in a timely manner. Smart phones take this to the next level. Now a person is not only expected to respond to phone calls immediately, they are also expected to respond to their email, social media accounts, and instant messaging accounts wherever they are. Businesses and customers now have a more personal relationship. Business owners are more accessible, and large corporations have gone from being faceless entities to being those run by real people.

Another way that technology has changed business is that it has released business from the restrictions that used to exist on how they would market things. Now businesses do not need to rely on print ads or on the television. A business owner can sit in the comfort of their home and create digital marketing that can be distributed via social media to millions of people.

Productivity has also increased as a result of technology. Manufacturing plants are able to produce a higher quality products in a timely manner. Individuals in the medical field are able to better diagnose and treat their patients. Those who are in retail sales are able to better track the trends of their customers and provide their customers with the products they need.

All of these things points to one unquestionable fact, technology has changed business. It will be exciting to see the positive changes that technology has on business in the future.

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