Facts About The Adobe X Pro Certification Examination

The Adobe X Pro certification examination will allow an individual to take on a different career role. The individual will be able to obtain employment as a Print Designer, Desktop Productivity worker, or Designer in general.

The examination is available in four different languages. The languages include: English, German, French, and Japanese. In order to be able to take the examination, a registration fee must be rendered to a Pearson VUE testing facility. The fee that will need to be paid for this examination prior to taking it is $180.00.

The examination is broken up into ten different categories. These categories include: navigation and viewing of PDF documents, creation of PDF documents, Reusing PDF documents, enhancing and modifying PDF documents, Combining various PDF documents together, utilizing an Actions Wizard, commenting and collaborating with PDF documents, creating and collecting data for PDF documents, managing the security of documents, and print production and PDF standards.

The test consists of forty seven questions. Each of these ten categories have a corresponding amount of questions that go along with them. In order to receive a passing score on the examination, and be awarded the certification for taking the examination, an individual must receive a minimum passing score of sixty seven percent or higher.

Individuals will know prior to leaving the testing facility if they have passed the test or not. Upon passing the examination, the certificate that certifies the individual as an ACE professional will be sent to them in their email. Therefore, it is important when completing the examination that an accurate email address is given.

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