Firefox Address Bar Missing – Solution

Many Firefox users have complained that their address bar has gone missing and now it’s becoming difficult for them to get it back. While they are unable to find the solution for this, the fact is that it’s really very simple to make your address bar reappear again.

Here are a few steps you need to take to ensure your address bar comes back:


Step 1:


Press and hold the Alt key and hopefully your Menu bar will reappear.


Step 2:


If the above step doesn’t solve the problem, go to View in the options tab and then Toolbars (View>Toolbars) and check the options. Make sure both the toolbars are visible.


Step 3:


If both the above steps don’t work, right click on any one of the following buttons – Back/Forward/Close/Reload and click on customize. Now just find the address bar from among them and drag it to the location you want.


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