Firefox Beta 4 Available for Download Now

Firefox logoThe beta version of Firefox 4 has finally been released, after all the aniticipation of its launch on August 20 although it wasn’t possible at that time due to a few “blocker” bugs which kept the team from releasing it on that day. The program is available for download in 30 languages for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux operating systems.

The pre release version comes with exciting new features such as a new tab organization tool called “Panorama” (previously known as Tab Candy). This tool allows users to quickly switch between different sets of open tabs that have a similar purpose. It also enables users to group the tabs together. The feature can be accessed through an icon on your Firefox toolbar or with the keyboard shortcut Ctrl-Space.

Support for the HTML5 video and hardware acceleration for Windows 7 are some other features that come to mind. The Mozilla team is pushing for a fifth beta version release this Friday and beta 6 on September 10.

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