Old Facebook Chat Client – How to Get It Back

Apart from adding their latest Video Chat feature, Facebook has upgraded its chat service as well. Instead of that shy-old tab that used to keep hiding in the bottom-right of your screen (and waiting for you to click it), the new chat mechanism is a lot more in-the-face. Right when you login in, the chat loads up with a huge presence in the right hand side.


While some people may be liking the new chat sidebar, I for one, used to like the previous one much more. If you agree with me and want to get the old chat back, you need to follow the instructions in this article. Here are the steps:


Step 1:


Well, I assume you are using Google Chrome (currently the most popular browser). But even if you aren’t and are using Firefox instead, you need to install a script (add-on) called GreaseMonkey‘ to begin with.

Step 2:


Once you’ve completed the above step, you need to download the script ‘Facebook Sidebar Chat Reversion‘. Just visit the hyperlink to download it from its official website.


Step 3:


Technically, there is no Step 3. You just got your old chat back. If you would like to verify it, login in to Facebook and see for yourself!


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