How to Attract Birds to Your Backyard

Almost everyone appreciates the beauty of birds and enjoys seeing them rambling about in their gardens.No wonder bird watching or birding as it is popularly known is emerging as a favourite past time for many.With a few changes to your backyard you can attract a lot of birds and enjoy the delight of watching birds right from your bedroom window.

Establishing a wildlife utopia in your backyard can make the place come alive with birds and butterflies of different kinds and many of them might actually build a nest to rear their young in your backyard.Your garden will always seem to be full of birds fluttering around since they wont have to go search for basic necessities such as food,water etc.

Here are some tips on how you can build a bird paradise in your garden:-

1. Keeping a bird feeder – Placing a feeder in your garden will instantly attract more birds as food is the most basic requirement and if it is easily available then birds will happily feed on it.keep atleast 2-3 bird feeders at different locations with differentkinds of food in each.Squirell proof bird feeders are usually most preferred.

2. Installing a birdbath – In order to escape from the heat in summers,most birds prefer to take a dip in a small puddle of water.Birdbaths serve two purposes.Firstly,they add beauty to your garden.Secondly,they provide birds with water during summers.Replace the water once every week and thoroughly clean the birdbath too.

3.  Nest Houses – Nest houses provide shelter to birds and serve as their breeding sites where they can escape from the predators and rear their young safely.They can be made at home or you can buy them at reasonable rates from Amazon.Yuo can place 2 or more nest houses with different hole diameters to encourage more birds to nest in your house.

4.  Nectar producing plants – Plant nectar producing plants in your garden to attract small birds such as White-eyes,Hummingbirds,Sunbirds.

5.  Evergreen trees – Evergreen trees provide shelter & breeding sites thorughout the year,so planting them would ensure that birds will stay in your backyard in winters as well.

6.  Messiness – Dont clean up your backyard,instead let the leaves,twigs and any organic material be littered all around your backyard.This will encourage birds to safely nest in the area.

7.  Leave your backyard untouched – Try to minimize human interference in your backyard so that breeding does not get affected and birds can rear their young ones safely,withhout being noticed by any predator.

8.  Plant fruit trees – Fruit trees attract a lot birds such as Mynas,Starlings,Barbets,Parrots etc since they all primarily fruit eating birds and relish devouring fruits.

9.  Dust bath – Birds love to take dust baths in summers to remove parasites and excess oil from their feathers.Consider making a 2-3 inches deep pond for this purpose.

10.  Pesticides – Avoid spraying pesticides on plants as birds mainly feed on insects & pests.Also,they might get sick on eating those insects.So try to stay from pesticides.


  1. Rightly said.

    If you clean your garden to impress your girlfriend or the girl next door, birds will never turn up.

    Let the garden be natural with dry leaves, let the birds feel at home.

    • Exactly but people usually think that by cleaning up their garden they might attract more birds,which is totally wrong.

  2. this is great! thanks!

  3. DEEPAK NAIK says:

    good suggestions, keep it up, keep mailing me regarding birds, seminar, birding tours

    Deepak Naik

    • harshit says:

      @ Deepak – Sure,I’ll keep adding more articles.You can bookmark this site or subscribe to the RSS feeds to receive information on new posts.Cheers

  4. priya atri says:

    hi harshit, ur ideas are really wise and appropiriate. the tips u have given are right in sense that the bird diversity today in most metropolitan areas is declining due to of their deforstation and rapid urbaniztaion……really appreciate ur views keep it up.
    ur tips link to the ecology of birds which is the need of hour to control the premature extinction of most common birds.
    best regards


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