How to Check Bsnl Broadband Usage

BSNL Dataone Broadband is very popular in India. However most of the users do not know how to check their monthly usage . If you want to check the usage of your broadband connection, you can visit any of these official BSNL portals below.

Websites to Check Broadband Usage

This official BSNL portal allows you to check your BSNL broadband usage for each & every month till date.The total number of uploaded and downloaded megabytes/gegabytes (GB) are also shown.

Enter your username and password in the respective boxes and click Login. Click ‘Service Records’ from the left panel.

Select the month for which you want to check broadband usage, and click OK.

Sometimes the server is down and in this case you can use the second portal which is given below.

Broadband Usage Check

The “Sum Traffic Excluding Night Unlimited(GB)” on the right hand side is the total amount of MB’s used. This tells you about the broadband usage.

Software to Check BSNL Broadband Usage

The Shaplus Dataone Broadband Usage Software is a great free software to check the bandwidth usage of your dataone broadband connection. It is useful when the official BSNL websites are down for any reason. Enter your BSNL portal ID and click the ‘Check Bandwidth Usage’ button.

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