How To Choose The Right Web Hosting Package

webhostingWhether you sell homemade scarves or are building a small business empire, one of the first projects you need to complete is a professional website. In today’s economy, a business without a website hasn’t arrived yet. With so many online web hosting packages, the process may feel overwhelming. However, there are key aspects that need to be considered before selecting a host provider for the long-haul.

Included Domains

The Internet uses several domain suffixes, such as .com, .org and .net, to signify a business’s affiliation. When choosing a host, find out if they allow you to buy several domains with one package. For example, a user types in instead of If you own both these domains, they’ll be routed to the right website each time. Purchasing several domains allows you to cover many suffixes to keep customer flow consistent.

 Hard Drive Space

If you run a freelance writing business, you don’t need a lot of host hard drive space for your site. However, a site that sells hundreds of individual products needs considerable space. Talk to a computer professional about the hard drive space your business requires. Each company is unique, but ideally you want more space than you require now to support future growth. Limited space often impedes sales as you expand a product line.

Email Accounts

You may have five employees now, but the business could quickly expand to 10 or more people in the next one or two years. Analyze your potential business growth when selecting a host and their email account limits. Inexpensive packages often have 10 email user limits. Consider a more expensive option to cover as many as 25 user accounts. Each employee needs their own account to stay productive.

24/7 Support

Some website hosts are difficult to contact if you have any technical issues. Ask about their support before agreeing to a contract. Even read independent reviews about their past support practices. If you find many people complaining about poor support, move on to the next company. You ideally need available support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Websites take orders year-round, allowing you to stay profitable even in the middle of the night. Any problems should be addressed immediately by the host.

Always consider your business’s core needs before selecting hosting features. You don’t want to be locked into a site that doesn’t offer all the potential growth necessary in the future. The website is an extension of your dream and professional outlook.

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