How to Display Twitter Followers Count on Your Blog

twitter1.pngTwitter is fast becoming the ultimate choice for providing and receiving updates to & from people around the world. So it would actually be a good idea to connect with your fans and bloggers in your niche on Twitter by displaying your twitter count and giving visitors the opportunity to connect with you & receive updates about your latest blog posts.

Most bloggers would prefer using the customary Twitter chicklet which is provided by a website called Twitter counter. It is the best and easiest way to display your twitter count since it is hassle free and does not require any knowledge of CSS or tweaking of your theme. Just add the code provided by the website and paste it as a text widget in your sidebar.

However for those of you who would like to make a unique twitter counter, there are endless possibilities, especially with a wonderful blogging platform like wordpress which allows users to basically do anything to their blog without any real effort on their part i.e. by the use of plugins which are provided by other users for free.

Twounter is a plugin which does exactly what we are looking for. It displays your twitter followers in a unique manner which will make your blog stand out. Simply add the plugin and it does the work in seconds.

There is yet another way of boasting of your followers count on your blog. This time its a website which does the favour. Known as , this website specialises in providing bloggers with cool batches which can be used on blogs to display your twitter followers count. Just enter your twitter ID and click on ‘Add TwitterCounter to your site’ link in the bottom right side. Select one of those fancy batches and directly use it on your website or blog !

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